"Our obligation as educators is to entrust in our students the abilities to create conscious citizens who  are vocal about reexamining their society."

- Jorge Santos




Jorge Santos has been a NYC educator for 5 years. He is a restorative justice coordinator and a special education teacher at a school in Brooklyn, NY. Jorge is part of the school’s Instructional Leadership Team as well as the Culture & Equity Team which focuses on creating an antiracist and equitable learning environment.


Jorge is a restorative justice advocate who believes in building community and empowering student voices. He encourages social and emotional growth for students experiencing trauma instead of the traditional school disciplinary methods. He believes education and restorative justice practices are tools where students can examine social justice issues and become active citizens impacting their communities. Jorge has spoken at various conferences and panels discussing restorative justice, racial equity, decolonizing curriculums, and building an antiracist school community.


Jorge Santos holds Masters Degrees in Criminology and in Special Education from St. John’s University; influencing his work through his background in understanding factors that cause individuals to commit harm and the work to repair those relationships.


He is the content creator for the social media platform @RestoringRacialJustice where he uses content to inspire learning around race, racial inequities, social justice movements and multicultural history. Jorge is a published writer who has contributed to several outlets.


"Students who build this sense of community and empathy will lead the change in our society in the face of injustice."

- Jorge Santos



The Bronx Social Justice
and Anti-Violence Forums

Educators For Racial Equity

Educators for Justice's Talking to Students about the Election

Etsy's Latinx: The Non-Monolith Panel

Decolonizing The Curriculum Panel Discussion

Healing School Communities in the Context of Racial Violence: Where do we go from here? - Session 1

Healing School Communities in the Context of Racial Violence: Where do we go from here? - Session 2


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NYC Men Teach


A gathering of current and prospective teachers, administrators, and school staff that highlights the work of the program and its partners. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 4.42.55 PM.png

Educators 4 Justice


This virtual educational summit will provide foundational tools and tangible resources in order to equip and support educators in being effective in their approach to impact students in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to explore various topics that will improve the quality of education for students and provide support to the very educators who are committed to teaching the whole student. Join us for a powerful day of learning, growing, and empowerment.

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02/25 & 03/04

This learning session is one of two in the series Healing School Communities in the Context of Racial Violence: Where do we go from here?, intended for students, families, educators and school mental health professionals who are navigating the ongoing impact of racial violence in all forms on student mental health. 




Intro to Racial & Restorative Justice w/ "Restoring Racial Justice" training of 1-hr asynchronous learning & 2-hr interactive Zoom workshop starting folx on their journey to becoming RJ Practitioners.


SJU Sociology Dept.


A conversation with the graduate students in the Criminology department at St. John's. 

Private Event
decolonizing curriculum flyer - the vill

The Village


The Village is hosting a dynamic virtual panel discussion and workshop on the importance of decolonizing your curriculum!

EL Education

10/22- 10/23

Conference discussion educational community committed to racial justice, quality curriculum, and social-emotional learning.


10/1 -10/2

This workshop will focus on the intentionality of rebranding the mission, presence and purpose of Black male educators with a lens for teaching as activism.

Educators for Justice


Join us this Sunday when Dr. Angel Jones will talk to Deana Reynold, Jorge Santos, and Y.T. Bell about how to talk to students about the election.



Etsy celebrates Latino Heritage Month with their panel discussion: "Latino: The Non Monolith". 

Private Event

NYC Men Teach


Join NYC Men Teach for a panel discussion focused on a variety of current events, including the presidential election, its implications on education policy, and the need for more male educators of color in NYC classrooms. 

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