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"Our obligation as educators is to entrust in our students the abilities to create conscious citizens who  are vocal about reexamining their society."

- Jorge Santos




Jorge Santos was born and raised in Queens, NY. He is a restorative justice coordinator and teacher leader. Jorge has been a grade team leader, contributed to the instructional leadership team, and part of his school’s equity team. His educational approach focuses on creating anti-racist and equitable learning environments through restorative practices.


Jorge advocates for restorative programs that focus on building community and empowering student voices. He encourages social-emotional growth for students experiencing trauma instead of the traditional school disciplinary system. His work consists of using restorative practices to promote equity in schools and pedagogical practices in the classroom. He connects this equity work to promote curriculum that centers around social justice issues, encouraging students to become active citizens who can impact their communities. 


Jorge Santos has presented at various conferences and panel discussions around restorative justice, racial equity, diversifying curriculum and developing structures to promote anti-racist school culture. 


Jorge has recently published his first children’s book called “Soy Bella”, which celebrates the diversity and heritage of the Latino culture.  


Jorge holds Masters Degrees in Criminology and Special Education from St. John’s University, which influences his work around understanding social and economic inequities.


"Students who build this sense of community and empathy will lead the change in our society in the face of injustice."

- Jorge Santos



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